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Frequently Asked Questions

How do I schedule an appointment? 

New client

I offer a 15-20 minutes free consultation phone call. This will allow us to ask each other questions to see if we are a good match/fit. We will then schedule our first appointment together, which is the initial intake appointment.

Initial appointment

The initial appointment can be scheduled over the phone during the free consultation call or you have the option to text/email to schedule as well.

Weekly appointments

Sessions are typically every week on the same day/time unless requested to change.

What is an intake appointment?

During the intake appointment (also known as the first appointment), this will help me gather important background information to learn more about what brings you in for seeking services. This appointment also gives us the time to go over particular documents (privacy practice and confidentiality) and office policies. 

Towards the end of the intake appointment, we can decide together if we are still a good fit and want to move forward in scheduling another session to start the therapeutic journey. 

How long is each session?

The intake appointment will take about 60-minutes. This is the first appointment where information is gathered and I learn more about why you are seeking therapeutic services.

All appointments after the intake will run about 50 to 55-minutes. These appointments will start off weekly and then lessen down to bi-weekly and/or bi-monthly depending on your goals.

What if I miss a scheduled appointment or need to reschedule?

Please inform me at least 24 hours in advance when it comes to rescheduling. This gives me enough time to fill the rescheduled spot if needed. 

Here is my Cancellation Policy:

  • 24-hour advanced notice - no fee charged.

  • No-show/no call - $100 session fee charged.

Is everything we talk about confidential?

Yes. Everything we talk about in session remains confidential unless the following occur:

  • You disclose you are an immediate threat/harm to yourself or others.

  • If there is a court subpoena. 

  • Suspicion or disclosure of child/dependent elderly abuse or anything else listed under the WAC 388-76-10673 code.

We will talk more about these exceptions and office policies during the intake appointment. 

Do you accept insurance?

At this time, I do not accept insurance due to needing to complete my licensure. I will potentially accept insurance in the future when my licensure is completed. 

I currently accept the following payments: via check, debit, HSA/FSA or credit card at the end of each session. I do require a debit/credit card to be kept on file.

What are the benefits of not utilizing insurance?

Insurance companies have strict requirements when it comes to treatment and they require a mental health diagnosis. A mental health diagnosis will not be needed unless requested by you. There are also no restrictions when it comes to Telehealth appointments.

What are your rates and fees?

My rate for individual sessions are $120 per 50-minutes. The intake appointment is also $120 for 60-minutes. I will spend time reviewing your documents beforehand (due 3 days prior to our appointment), which will allow us more time to treatment plan and actively start working towards your goal(s).

An alternate option I can provide is a "superbill" document you can provide to your insurance company as possible reimbursement, but I am unable to offer additional assistance after this step. I would recommend you reach out to your insurance company and ask them beforehand. To learn more about what a "superbill" is, please click this link

What if I need immediate help right now?

If there is an urgent concern, please contact either of the following:

  • Crisis Response Unit: 509-783-0550

  • Crisis Connections: Text CONNECT to 741-741 to reach a Crisis Counselor. 

  • Washington State Health Care Authority - Mental Health Crisis Line: 1-888-544-9986 (Benton & Franklin County).

  • National Suicide Prevention Hotline: 800-273-8255.

  • Calling 911.

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